Reinterpreted WoW Class Icons (Digital w/Variations)




These are my reinterpreted WoW class icons canvases made available in a digital format for personal use. Pick each desired variation and add to your order. Please review your basket before finalising an order.

Please read carefully the fine print and license below:

This digital file [henceforth, the content] is provided and made available to those who acquire it [henceforth, the buyer] through a purchase from JohnMoorArt and/or its legal representative(s) [henceforth, JMA] and the content is subject to the following license covering personal use of the content. The buyer is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal use license that allows the buyer to view, download (as required), display (physically or digitally) and copy (physically or digitally) the content, under the following conditions:

The content is for personal use ONLY, commercial use or use that leads to monetary gain, of any kind whatsoever, is NOT allowed, with layman examples following ahead. The content may not be used in any way in which the buyer can charge fees or receive payment from its use in any form. The content may not be resold, relicensed, sub-licensed, rented out or used in advertising or redistributed publicly. This also means in plain terms that while the license does allow for example for the content to be used as a digital avatar, as an example, it may not be used in such an example if an associated account/identity is somehow being used commercially. The buyer may allow certain third-party vendors or services to handle the content for the ends of creating a physical copy of the content; any such third-party entities are granted no rights or warranties whilst handling the content for the buyer. JMA will remain the sole issuer of any license referring to the content. The buyer may not make claims of ownership or authorship of the content. The content may or may not include a watermark, in which case of including a watermark, such watermark shall not be removed or altered by any individuals under any circumstances. Watermarks are, in good-faith, placed in a minimally visible rendition so as to not detract from any subjective appreciation of the content when viewed under ordinary circumstances.

Title, ownership and all other rights of the content remain, now and in future, exclusively reserved to, and the property of, JMA. The content is provided in an “as-is” basis. JMA reserves the right to revoke any license under certain circumstances as required. Use of the content is not allowed under any circumstances or under any context whatsoever should the content happen to be acquired in some way other than through JMA. JMA cannot be deemed liable for any third party claims of any sort against any entity due to mis-use of the content by the buyer. JMA makes no claim of owning the original inspiration that the content may happen to be based on or referring to; for all intents and purposes the content may remain a creative re-imagining of another creative work but does not claim to in fact be such work or to be affiliated with it or its representatives in any shape or form.

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Warrior, Rogue, Mage, Hunter, Priest, Paladin, Warlock, Shaman, Druid, Death Knight


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