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This is a listing for you to commission a digitally painted portrait. We can discuss the details of your commission through Etsy messages or some other form of communication, such as E-mail or Discord. I always recommend you contact me BEFORE PURCHASING the commission.

This commission is at a painting level – this means that the drawing or painting will have a certain amount of detail and time put into it. In principle, I won’t limit the number of characters on this, but keep in mind I’ll only allot so much time to any piece, and so, more features may mean less detail. Less can be more.

–Technical Details–

If you do not specify an image or canvas size, I will use a size I find to be appropriate.


If the portrait is of yourself or someone you personally know, I’ll require some sort of photograph, preferably without any blurring, to use as a reference. If you just want a portrait of a famous figure, I don’t require you to give me any reference material, but it may be helpful if you do, since you might want a specific expression or pose!


Expect any piece to be done within 3 to 4 weeks of purchase.

Finished pieces have a visual signature with a MM/YYYY date & will be sent via e-mail. I will usually export the pictures to a .PNG or .JPG format. If you want some other standard format, I should be able to accommodate that need anyway.

You will receive a downloadable “thank you” with any purchase.


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